Talking Ben the Dog

Talking Ben the Dog 3.2

Mix up the right chemistry with this virtual canine


  • Lots of interactivity
  • Two different settings for Ben
  • Tap screen functions are incredibly responsive


  • A tad repetitive after awhile

Very good

Talking Ben the Dog is a virtual dog who resides on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to keep you company and amused while you're on the go.

From the developers who brought you the hugely popular Talking Tom Cat and Talking Bacteria apps, Talking Ben the Dog is the next furry friend to hit your mobile device. Much like the other Talking apps available for download, you interact with Talking Ben the Dog by finger tapping your touch screen and seeing how he reacts to each different action you take. You can rustle the newspaper he's reading, feed him out of a can, or even call him on the telephone.

Talking Ben the Dog might seem like a total grump from his comfy armchair but the moment you get him into his chemistry lab, it's a whole other story. Mix and match different colored liquids into the larger vile and see how Talking Ben the Dog reacts to the end results. Some are quite amusing, but once you run out of your liquid allotment, you'll need to pay for more.

Ben also shows a natural progression in this line of Talking apps, from the detailed texture of his fur and varied facial expressions to the ability to interact with him by talking to him on the telephone. There's more of a back story here as well, with Talking Ben the Dog being a retired Chemistry professor but an otherwise grumpy old man (or dog, even!). This personalization makes Talking Ben the Dog a lot more fun to play with and a bit more endearing than some of the older app versions.

Talking Ben the Dog is a great improvement from earlier Talking app models and will keep you entertained no matter where you're at.

Talking Ben the Dog


Talking Ben the Dog 3.2

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